The accreditation process requires interaction among all segments of the institution in order to prepare the documentation required by the accreditation agency. Ultimately, accreditation documentation and data must support the institutional mission; should confirm that student learning and development takes place; and demonstrate compliance with accreditation and regulatory agencies. Typical preparatory activities for an accreditation visit are shown below

Our accreditation services provide hands-on consulting services to schools and career colleges, in the following areas:

  • Accreditation & Title IV Compliance
  • Accreditation Visit Preparation / Mock Visits
  • Institutional & Assessment Improvement Plans
  • Review of Operational Plans and Strategies
  • Process Development & Implementation
  • Workshops & Training
  • New Program / Branch Campus - Submittals & Approvals
  • Acquisition & Change of Ownership
  • Change Management & Communication Planning
  • Retention / Graduation / Employment Development & 3rd Party Verification Plans
  • Streamlining Processes while Maintaining Integrity

School / College Accreditation Assistance

Explain the accreditation process to administrators, faculty and students

  • Show you how to structure your school to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Assist in selecting the appropriate accrediting board.
  • Develop a campus-wide involvement in the self-evaluation review (also referred to as the self-study) process (i.e., ACCSC’s SER).
  • Develop or formalize policies, procedures, and reporting methods to comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Create manuals, materials, policies, procedures and operations manuals required by regulatory bodies and integrate them into the way you conduct business.
  • Review course syllabi for compliance issues
  • Review college catalog for compliance issues.
  • Train your staff about what to expect when the agency evaluators visit your school.
  • Conduct a mock site visit .
  • Review of required plans and budgets.
  • Academic and Administrative Program Assessment
    • Quantitative Research
    • Develop survey instruments
    • Faculty surveys
    • Graduate exit surveys
    • Employer surveys
    • Student course evaluations
    • Student surveys
    • Statistical analyses and interpretation of results
    • Qualitative Research
    • Focus groups
  • Provide training in instructional methods and teaching skills.
  • Resource review (library / LRS, equipment, faculty, classrooms, offices, etc.)
  • Prepare show-Cause Order (i.e., Citation, Finding, etc.) Responses

Planning Services

  • Provide an objective review of practices and methods used by the school / college.
  • Strategic planning facilitation
  • Mission, vision, and goals development facilitation
  • Facilitate SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) analysis
  • Develop detailed operational task schedules with reasonable target dates
  • Facilitate continuous improvement methodology
  • Facility and maintenance planning

New Program and Course Development

  • Feasibility studies
  • Review course goals, objectives and learning outcomes
  • Curriculum and syllabi review
  • Provide application preparation assistance services for federal, state, and regional (i.e., SACS) accreditation regulatory agencies

Full management review of self-evaluation report prior to visit by GETACCREDITATION.COM management team.

•One member of GETACCREDITATION.COM’s consultative practice will be on-site at your school / college, on a mutually agreed upon date.

Mock Site Visit:  We would conduct a 1-2 day site visit of the school, just as an actual accreditation agency Team will do on their first (Initial), or follow-up (Renewal) visit to your school.

Take a tour of the facilities with the school / college President / Owner / Director when the Team / Consultant first arrives on campus, and meet all staff / faculty.

This will include the following:  reviewing your personnel files for the faculty / staff (credential / transcript / professional development review), program / course / curriculum review (i.e., syllabi), clock to credit conversion, externship program review, files to verify students graduation / retention / placement / achievement rates, in-service / faculty meeting minutes, Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Rosters / Minutes, promotional / advertising materials, Consortium Agreement's, a current school catalog / web-site, faculty / administrative handbook, student handbook, financial aid / Title IV files / ATB Test, faculty evaluations, faculty surveys, student assessment / learning outcomes, student surveys, phone calls to students / employers, group meetings with all of your staff, group meetings with your day / night faculty (without any Administrators), group meetings with students, and individual meetings with all Administrators, Department Chairs, Deans, Admissions Director, Financial Aid Director, and Librarian (learning resource system).

Also just as an actual accreditation visit we would require a private room where we have internet access / wifiservice for our laptop computers, a printer, and all of the requested files to be placed into this private workroom.

  • Conduct a modified mock accreditation audit for ready assessment
  • Conduct an exit interview with staff detailing positives and negatives of findings
  • • Provide a written overview of all findings regarding the accreditation standards within 2 weeks of visit.
  • • Provide a final opinion of potential success along with employee confidence, and capabilities.

Institutional Compliance

  • Internal Audits
  • Compliance with state agencies, regional (i.e., SACS) accreditation bodies, and federal (U.S.) agencies and regulators under the Higher Education Authorization Act (CHEA)

International / India Accreditation

We specialize in assisting Indian based schools that are seeking accreditation by a U.S. accreditation agency, i.e. ACICS, ACCSC, DEAC, etc.

Post Self Evaluation Mock Site Visit / Audit:

Continued accreditation assistance / support regarding your Initial or Renewal site visit, and communication (liaison) with accreditation agency staff if requested (i.e., phone calls, e-mails, etc.).

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