Call or e-mail us today for a fee / price quote; each project we handle is different in the scope of services that are needed or requested by our clients. These factors include the types of programs offered, size of the institution, number of students / faculty, days required on-site, type of agency, etc.

Initial Accreditation involves fees that vary by agency, which may be charged at application, pre-visit, site visit and annual sustaining fees (or as the agency dictates). Additionally, each (U.S.) state regulatory agency has fees, and all third party fees shall be the institution’s responsibility and timely remittance is required to achieve objectives set forth herein.
Postage, Document Production and Miscellaneous Fees
Any fees incurred in the production or delivery of documents shall be billed and reimbursed to
GETACCREDITATION.COM within 15 days of invoice.
Also all travel (airfare & hotel) expenses shall be pre-paid (in advance) to GETACCREDITATION.COM India prior to any site visit, meeting, workshop, etc.

All fees are to be paid on our GETACCREDITATION.COMIndia web-site using PayPal.

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